The ministries of Renforth are groups within the church that are focused on meeting particular needs. Some of these ministries are more developed than others, so if you are interested in supporting any of these ministries, click “join today” below.

  • Nursery
  • Kids (JK, SK, grades 1-5)
  • Youth (junior and senior high students)
  • Young Adults (age 18-30s)
  • Men (focus on men’s issues)
  • Women (focus on women’s issues)
  • Seniors (focus on our senior members)
  • Small Groups (mid-week gatherings in people’s homes for a more focused setting)
  • Worship Team (musicians, singers, sound, and tech)
  • Welcome Team (frontline greeters for each person coming to our Sunday services)
  • Hospitality (provide coffee, tea, and snacks post-service)
  • Outreach (focus on reaching out to the broader community of Renforth)

If you are interested in joining any of these groups, click below and let us know which ministry or ministries you would like to be involved in.

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