What we believe

Hello, welcome to Renforth!


Welcome to Renforth! Thank you for a taking a minute to learn what we’re about!

I’m thinking… you’re new to this “Christian” thing. It’s okay, this church is for those who are thinking, postulating, developing their idea of spirituality. We welcome you to think about your spirituality here.

You might think, we have it all together. We have firm stances on anything and everything. That’s true to some degree, but we’re still figuring out how to live life as well.

It’s not an easy journey. Below are three sections you can explore with us. Feel free to choose the section that most relates to where you are now – or explore all three sections! If you have any questions, email Steven and he’ll get back to you when he can.

So… church?

What’s church or this community like? Should I be nervous or afraid of public shaming?

Yes, church.

Did you go to a church a while back? Thinking about coming again, but a little hesitant?


Have you been going to church for a while? Looking for a new one?

So… church?

Religion is a touchy subject. “I don’t want to offend.” is a common thought in our Canadian culture. We’re not here to draw lines. We want to include everyone who wants to learn about our Christian spirituality.
We are open to having a conversation with you about anything or everything. No topic is off topic.
We are seeking to understand your current life situation, and walk alongside you as you journey through life. Contact us or come at 10:15AM on Sunday. We’d be joyous to talk with you.

Thinking about us?

Yes, church.

Church attendance does not equal good standing in our books. Regardless if you haven’t been to church over the pandemic, or even longer, it’s okay! There is no shame or guilt here if you haven’t been to church in a while.
We want you in our community. If you’re easy-going or maybe… you’re particular about things, we’re happy for you to join us. We aren’t perfect, nor do we pretend to be. We’re just trying to figure out how to live life as God wanted us to. Will you come alongside us in this journey?
If you are, feel free to contact us or come on Sunday at 10:15AM so we can meet and chat with each other. We’re excited to meet you!

Come sit with us.


Okay, you’re serious about church. I am too. I think… you’re looking for our statement of faith, right? I gotchya. We stand with the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec. Feel free to check out their “This We Believe” document here. If you’re looking to see what makes us different than other denominations feel free to check out this document here.
As we stated in the previous two sections, we’d love to chat with you. Feel free to come in-person to our Sunday Service at 10:15AM or contact us.