Covid-Fatigue: Letter to Renforth

I want to begin by saying how proud I am of our Renforth people, of how you have been enduring well through this Covid-19 pandemic and have been persevering with us throughout this entire period. We know that you have been faithfully tuning into our YouTube channel every Sunday morning or have participated with usContinue reading “Covid-Fatigue: Letter to Renforth”

Perspective and Covid-19

It has been about two months now in Ontario since non-essential businesses were ordered to shut down and residents were instructed to isolate at home as much as possible. And about two months since churches have closed doors and moved to online services and gatherings. Seems like much longer. There has been so much toContinue reading “Perspective and Covid-19”

Update on COVID-19 and Church

Hey Renforth fam, love you all. Due to the growing concern and spread of COVID-19, we have been closing our church doors for the foreseeable future. As of March 17, Premier Doug Ford announced a provincial state of emergency, and it will take continued patience and diligence from all to ensure that the virus becomesContinue reading “Update on COVID-19 and Church”

Head vs Heart Knowledge?

I recently came across a quotation which stated something along the lines of: “It doesn’t matter how much theological knowledge you have if it doesn’t change the way you live.” Something like that. Something involving the pitting of the mind against the heart, like head knowledge vs. heart knowledge, or knowledge against lifestyle, or informationContinue reading “Head vs Heart Knowledge?”